21 Simple Energizing 2-Ingredient Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes to Increase Your Energy and Focus

In today’s age, more and more people are suffering from a lack of sleep. If you are a mom like me, then you are no stranger to the world of sleepless nights and napless days. And running off of just a few hours of sleep a night can be draining. It’s also hard to focus during the day. Well, I’ve put together these 21 simple 2-ingredient diffuser blend recipes to help give you the energy and focus you need to get through the day.

21 Simple 2-Ingredient Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes to Increase Energy and Focus

Energy Booster

3 drops Lemon
3 drops Peppermint

Morning Boost

3 drops Peppermint
3 drops Orange

Brisk Walk

3 drops Douglas Fir
3 drops Spearmint

Sunny Day

4 drops Lemon
2 drops Basil


3 drops Lemon
3 drops Eucalyptus

Zest for Life

4 drops Tangerine
2 drops Nutmeg

Spice for Life

3 drops Cinnamon
3 drops Lime


4 drops Lemongrass
2 drops Black Pepper


4 drops Lime
2 drops Spearmint

Sparkling Spirit

4 drops Grapefruit
2 drops White Fir

Focused Energy

3 drops Rosemary
3 drops Grapefruit

Extreme Energy

3 drops Wintergreen
3 drops Peppermint

Citrus Spice

2 drops Black Pepper
4 drops Grapefruit

from One Essential Community

Give Me Energy Diffuser Blend

4 drops Peppermint
5 drops Sweet Orange

from Wendy Polisi

Spring Time

3 drops Tangerine
1 drop Thyme


2 drops Black Pepper
1 drop Rosemary

In The Moment

2 drops Palo Santo
1 drop Frankincense

from Recipes with Essential Oils

Tangerine Dream

15 drops Vanilla
2 drops Tangerine

Orange You Delightful

10 drops Orange
25 drops Vanilla

from Now Foods

Refresh Me

3 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Ginger


2 drops Rosemary
3 drops Bergamot

from Aroma Web

Dilution Chart

Please refer to this dilution chart when diluting your essential oils. It is recommended that you dilute any essential oil that you use regardless of brand. Essential oils are strong and very potent and many can and do cause skin sensitivity, especially with children.

Plant Therapy has this awesome dilution chart you can reference.

You can download a free PDF version here or purchase the magnet here.

For babies, dilute at 0.5% or even 0.25% (half of the 0.5% amount. So, use 3 drops of your essential oil and dilute it in 4 teaspoons of carrier oil for 0.5% or 8 teaspoons of carrier oil for 0.25%.

Use the 1% dilution ratio for daily use. Mix 3 essential oil drops for every 2 teaspoons of carrier oil.

If you need a stronger dose for a short period of time, use the 5% dilution ratio by adding 15 essential oil drops for every 2 teaspoons of carrier oil.

For really, really severe situations, you can up it to 10 percent dilution ratio for small acute areas of concern. For this, you would mix 15 essential oil drops for every teaspoon of carrier oil.

Recommended Essential Oil Brands

Because essential oils have therapeutic properties that make them so useful in our lives, you want to make sure that the essential oils you purchase are pure and contain all of the healing components that you are looking for. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous companies out there that sell diluted oils or even fake oils that will do you harm if you use them for therapeutic purposes.

The companies that I recommend and who consistently receive positive reviews on their essential oils are these:

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