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What Oils I Use and Recommend for Babies and Toddlers (Essential Oil Buying Guide for Kids)

I’ve recently been asked what oils I use for my kids. I have two. One is 4 years old right now and the other is 2.5 years old. My 2.5 year old has also been recently diagnosed with a genetic defect that makes him even more special than he already is. Ever since I was Read More

essential oils for arthritis 200

Essential Oils for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis (Recipes and Scientific Proof)

Arthritis, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, is no fun. You get up in the morning and you hurt. The weather changes and you hurt. If you have kids or grandkids, it kind of takes away the joy of playing with them. You are not alone though. approximately 1 in 5 Americans have arthritis in some form as Read More

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Now You Can Get Access to Doctors Anytime You Need With HealthTap

I use essential oils because I care about my health. I use essential oils because I think using natural solutions is usually better than using artificial drugs with side effects. But, just because I use essential oils doesn’t mean that I don’t think doctors are important. On the contrary, I think doctors have a very Read More

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Here’s an Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe to Help Give You Some Relief from Your Cold

It doesn’t seem to matter where you live. Every time there is a change of seasons, people get sick. And if you have kids like I do, it’s always the back to school season that is the worst. One kid comes to school sick with a cold and without doubt, others soon start to get Read More

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6 DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray Recipes

I don’t like mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or anything else that flies and bites. But they sure do seem to like me! All I have to do is relax outside for just a few moments and I find myself itching at bug bites on my ankles and on my arms. No fun! My kids too end Read More

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What Essential Oils Are Good For Cradle Cap? – How to Use Them and Recipes

I have two toddlers and both of them had cradle cap when they were younger. If I had known then what I know now, I would have used some essential oils on them. Their cradle cap lasted about a month before it went away. I would comb it and gently peel the loose pieces off. Read More

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How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Cleaning (Plus a Recipe for a Natural Mold Killing Spray)

I’ve been using Tea Tree essential oil (Melaleuca) for a while now for lots of things such as bug bites and also toothaches. But recently, I started using it in cleaning and I must say I am thoroughly impressed. It cleans my floors like nothing else. Whenever I use tea tree essential for cleaning my Read More

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10 Essential Oils That Have Been Scientifically Proven to Suppress the Herpes Virus

Essential oils are powerful. That’s all I can say. I recently did some research on the essential oils that can be used to treat the herpes virus. Please do note, that I am neither a doctor nor a scientist and these statements have not been verified by the FDA. With that said, I found some Read More

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How Does doTERRA’s PastTense Work for Headaches?

doTERRA’s PastTense, their essential oil blend made specifically for tension and stress headaches works because of its many ingredients that promote both muscle relaxation and stress and tension relief. Stress and tension headaches are caused by stress and muscle tensions. If you take those away, then your headache goes away. Instead of taking away your Read More

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Top 3 Essential Oils for Tension and Stress Headaches

Headaches are no fun. Some are caused by hunger and others are caused by stress. It is the stress caused headaches that can sometimes be the worst. There are essential oils that actually target stress and tension headaches so you can get relief naturally. These essential oils work by relaxing the nerves and muscles that Read More