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Top 3 Essential Oils for Tension and Stress Headaches

Headaches are no fun. Some are caused by hunger and others are caused by stress. It is the stress caused headaches that can sometimes be the worst. There are essential oils that actually target stress and tension headaches so you can get relief naturally. These essential oils work by relaxing the nerves and muscles that Read More

calming the child by plant therapy 200

A Look at Plant Therapy’s Calming the Child Essential Oil Blend

So, I have two kids, two toddlers! One is 2 and the other is 3. For all you moms out there, you know what that means. Lots of work and many sleepless nights. Ever since I started using oils and seeing just how effective they are, I started to use them on my littles. I Read More

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doTERRA’s Clary Calm Helped Heal My Eczema (Here’s How and Why)

So, I’ve been battling with eczema for years now. It comes back every now and then. Lately though, the breakouts are super itchy. I’ve been trying different essential oil recipes just to see which one works the best. (So far my favorite is the helichrysum blend.) But right now, I’ve run out of helichrysum (it’s Read More

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How to Use Essential Oils for Eczema – What To Do and What NOT To Do To Avoid Burning Your Skin

If you ¬†suffer from eczema, then you know how itchy and sometimes painful it can be. I suffer from eczema on occasion and my husband always tells me NOT to scratch it. But it’s sooo hard not to scratch it. Sometimes, it gets so itchy I can’t stand it and have to scratch. But that’s Read More

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Try This Peppermint Essential Oil Recipe to Get Rid of Spiders

I don’t like spiders. Actually, it’s their spiderwebs that I can’t stand. I don’t like them outside much less inside my house. Diatomaceous earth has worked really well for me in keeping the spider population from invading my house. But, since I’ve learned about essential oils, I’ve also found that certain essential oils are just Read More

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Essential Oils for Runny Nose, Sneezing, Headaches, and Other Allergy Symptoms

I found another awesome infographic from Dr. Oz. This one is about using essential oils for allergy symptoms relief. Some of the allergy symptoms that it focuses on are these. Runny nose Headaches Sneezing Inflammation Shortness of breath Watery eyes Allergy symptoms are usually caused by an inflammatory reaction of our bodies when exposed to Read More

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What Essential Oil is Good for Breast Milk?

As a mom who breastfed both of her kids, I know how important it is to have a good supply of breast milk when nursing. I know how it feels when you feel like your body can’t produce enough breast milk to satisfy your baby. It can be crushing. When I was nursing, I didn’t Read More

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What Essential Oils are Good for Acne?

Essential oils can be used for a lot of things. But what about acne? What essential oils are good for acne? Many essential oils have antibacterial properties making them helpful for acne, an infection of the skin, or more specifically, of clogged pores. Some essential oils can also help keep your pores clear and help Read More

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I Just Tried Lavender and Marjoram Together for a Restful Night’s Sleep

With two toddlers who just don’t ever seem to sleep, when I do get a chance to sleep, it usually isn’t for very long, so I need to make the most of my sleep. My husband also sometimes has a hard time going to sleep. After the kids are put to bed, it takes quite Read More

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2 Essential Oil Blend Recipes That Have Worked for My Eczema

I have eczema. I was still in college and visiting my parents when it first erupted. It was not fun. I didn’t know what it was at first and it spread like a plague. It covered almost half the back of my neck. And it was so itchy. I went to the doctor and the Read More