tohi complete relief tension and muscle rub 200

First Impressions on Rocky Mountain Oil’s New Tohi Complete Relief Tension & Muscle Rub

I was looking at Rocky Mountain Oil’s site earlier today and I noticed that they have a new line of products for skin and body care called Tohi. This new line is formulated with natural ingredients as well as essential oils. The one product that caught my eye is the Tohi Complete Relief Tension + Read More

portable car diffuser 200

This Portable Diffuser Lets You Diffuse Essential Oils On the Go and In Your Car

Picture yourself driving on the road to work. It’s rush hour and you have to get to work. What do you do? Do you get angry? Road rage? No, you calmly turn on your portable essential oil diffuser that you have sitting in one of your cup holders. You are prepared! You have already put Read More

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What Is The Best Book to Buy to Learn More About Essential Oils?

When I first learned about essential oils, I was introduced to some common ones such as Lavender and Tea Tree. My very first purchase was a Tea Tree oil from Trader Joe’s. I bought it but I didn’t really know what to use it for. I also purchased their Tea Tree shampoo which I loved. Read More