make your own earl grey tea with bergamot essential oil 200

How To Make Earl Grey Tea With Bergamot Essential Oil

Did you know that Earl Grey tea is made with Bergamot? I didn’t until I did my research on Bergamot essential oil and its uses. Maybe that’s why Earl Grey tea is such a liked and popular tea. The addition of Bergamot makes the tea a relaxing and calming tea to drink. Perfect for an Read More

essential oil diffuser blend for cold relief 200

Here’s an Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Recipe to Help Give You Some Relief from Your Cold

It doesn’t seem to matter where you live. Every time there is a change of seasons, people get sick. And if you have kids like I do, it’s always the back to school season that is the worst. One kid comes to school sick with a cold and without doubt, others soon start to get Read More

6 diy essential oil bug spray recipes 200

6 DIY Essential Oil Bug Spray Recipes

I don’t like mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or anything else that flies and bites. But they sure do seem to like me! All I have to do is relax outside for just a few moments and I find myself itching at bug bites on my ankles and on my arms. No fun! My kids too end Read More

how to use essential oils for eczema 200

How to Use Essential Oils for Eczema – What To Do and What NOT To Do To Avoid Burning Your Skin

If you ¬†suffer from eczema, then you know how itchy and sometimes painful it can be. I suffer from eczema on occasion and my husband always tells me NOT to scratch it. But it’s sooo hard not to scratch it. Sometimes, it gets so itchy I can’t stand it and have to scratch. But that’s Read More

essential oil blend recipe for restful nights sleep 200

I Just Tried Lavender and Marjoram Together for a Restful Night’s Sleep

With two toddlers who just don’t ever seem to sleep, when I do get a chance to sleep, it usually isn’t for very long, so I need to make the most of my sleep. My husband also sometimes has a hard time going to sleep. After the kids are put to bed, it takes quite Read More

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2 Essential Oil Blend Recipes That Have Worked for My Eczema

I have eczema. I was still in college and visiting my parents when it first erupted. It was not fun. I didn’t know what it was at first and it spread like a plague. It covered almost half the back of my neck. And it was so itchy. I went to the doctor and the Read More

10 essential oil blend recipes for allergies 200

10 Essential Oils for Allergy Relief (Plus Recipes)

My husband suffers from allergies and I’m starting to suffer from allergies too. We live in Arizona, the place people used to go to to escape allergies. Now though, it’s the place to avoid if you have allergies. Our spring and fall last about a week. Then we have winter and our blazing hot summer. Read More


An Essential Oil Blend for a Romantic Massage

What makes a massage romantic? The right person, the right room, the right music, the right ambience. And why not throw in some essential oils such as ylang ylang, a natural aphrodisiac. Romantic Massage Essential Oil Blend Recipe Here is a recipe you can use when you want to give a romantic massage to your Read More